Your future is


Where will you go next? With Kenyon, you can go anywhere.

Kenyon professors are kind of a big deal.

Is there anyone who can leave ultra-eloquent writer John Green ’00 tongue-tied? Find out when John meets one of his role models at Kenyon.

Professors have more than a minute.

How accessible are Kenyon professors? How much time do you have? See what happens when a political science major asks his advisor for a minute of his time.

Class size matters.

Exactly how small are Kenyon classes? The most common size is 15 students, but you can find a more whimsical answer in this 30-second video.

Lab coats are sexy.

Research can heat up quickly in Kenyon’s science labs, as Miguel Alvarez-Flatow ’14 discovers after he tries on a lab coat and cranks up the temperature on the hot plate.

The KAC is Kenyon’s favorite acronym.

The Kenyon Athletic Center isn’t just for national swimming and diving champions. The KAC is for everyone — even this would-be jock, played by Adam Marjai ’16.

Choose your path.

This illustration, which represents the career paths pursued by 11,000 Kenyon alumni, shows that each major produces graduates who go on to work in multiple industries. Translation? At Kenyon, your options are, quite literally, boundless.

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Connect with a professor.

When you combine your enthusiasm for learning with the expertise of Kenyon faculty, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Our professors are available now to answer any questions you have about academic and research opportunities at Kenyon.


Seeing Kenyon is believing.

The best way to decide whether Kenyon is right for you is to visit campus so that you can immerse yourself in our campus community and see, like we do, that you belong here.

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