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Ask Kenyon students anything.

Seriously. Listen to these students’ thoughtful takes on how they’ve changed at Kenyon, how they describe the Kenyon community and what advice they have for incoming students. We caught up with them between classes, so we kept it brief; we promise.

Kenyon Student in radio station

Get ready to make some noise.

Tune in to the sounds of Kenyon, as students crunch, write, sketch, sing, converse, play and splash through a typical day on campus. It’s just one of our many irrefutable reasons to come to Kenyon and make some noise.

Kenyon Up

Preview your next four years.

Wish you could see what your next four years at Kenyon might look like? This is the next best thing. Follow the stories of eight Kenyon students as they transition from first-years to soon-to-be college graduates, all in the course of a two-minute video.


Find Kenyon alumni anywhere.

Kenyon graduates go everywhere — pursuing interesting careers in multiple industries and even landing exclusive interviews under this tree. In this season of "Beneath the Beech," Chace Beech '16 talks to fellow graduates working and thriving in New York City.

Choose your path.

This illustration, which represents the career paths pursued by 11,000 Kenyon alumni, shows that each major produces graduates who go on to work in multiple industries. Translation? At Kenyon, your options are, quite literally, boundless.

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Connect with a professor.

When you combine your enthusiasm for learning with the expertise of Kenyon faculty, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Our professors are available now to answer any questions you have about academic and research opportunities at Kenyon.


Seeing Kenyon is believing.

The best way to decide whether Kenyon is right for you is to visit campus so that you can immerse yourself in our campus community and see, like we do, that you belong here.

Join the Class of 2023.

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